Andrew Mennie is a long way from home, and surfing in his jeans. Yes, you read that right. Back in his native Belfast, Andrew grew up with an insatiable, and rare-for-his-surroundings passion for surfing. It was so cold he and his brother would brave the chilly waters of coastal Ireland in either two wetsuits or their jeans to keep warm enough to practice the new pastime they had discovered.

This was the early nineties and only three generations in from when the first time a person was known to ever surf in Ireland. “It was so rare, information was so scarce, we kind of just figured it out for ourselves,” Andrew muses, referring to the lack of surf culture, including magazines and even mates to share tips. “Early on I heard that you needed to put wax on the board. We started putting it on the bottom, thinking ‘maybe it’s to make it go faster, I dunno’”, he laughs “we hadn’t a clue”.

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